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Having designed and manufactured product for the four main security panel manufactures, our Pro-Security products are 100% compatible with those panels.
Whether it’s a device that works seamlessly with a control panel or transceivers that enables your product to listen to their devices, we have the
capability to simply make it work.


Consumers have a myriad of choices when it comes to sensors for their Home Automation system. Ecolink brings to the Z-Wave and ZigBee eco-system
20+ years of highly reliable, innovative product development experience that gives the DIY market unsurpassed performance and reliability.


With design centers in California and Taiwan, Ecolink provides custom product ranging from simple private branding, to a full turn-key custom
protocol wireless eco-system and everything in between. Our reputation is about delivering great products, at a low cost faster than you think is possible.


Be it a simple magnetic reed switch, passive infrared detector or more complex technology like magneto – resistive or accelerometers. Ecolink
has the know-how to detect people, pets, movement, water or fire in virtually any scenario.

We create simple, affordable smart home solutions



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