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Security Alarm Monitoring

COPS has been a leader in security monitoring for over 40 years. Since 1978, they’ve built their foundation and their success on helping independent alarm dealers like you be more successful and to return your time by providing convenient and simple tools to run your business. Just as much of your business is centered on field operations such as selling, installing, and maintaining alarm equipment, their business is exclusively focused on you! They succeed only if you succeed and all of their products, services, and pricing are all designed to give you a competitive edge. They do not own any accounts and they'll never compete for your business. We encourage you to browse their site, read more about COPS, learn why not all alarm monitoring companies are created equal, and then contact them so they can tailor a monitoring package to suit your needs.

Why you should choose COPS Monitoring?

COPS Monitoring specializes in many types of alarm monitoring and delivers professional service with industry-leading response times. If local conditions affect one of their six locations, they continue to deliver fast and professional service by overstaffing their other load-sharing centers.
From a technology and systems perspective, not all UL-listed central stations are created equal. In addition to their mainframes running their monitoring software at their headquarters, they have additional off-site redundant mainframes giving their data, and your company, an added layer of protection that other central stations just do not have.

A dispatcher will speak with each customer an average of 6 times every year. Watch this video and imagine how a COPS Monitoring Dispatcher can make a difference safeguarding your customers, and upholding your hard-earned reputation.

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